Fund Purpose

Members learn how to identify and evaluate investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes, including equities, debt, and alternatives.  Members collaborate in small teams to derive fair value estimates for securities in a variety of ways including Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models, Dividend Discount (DDM) models, comparable company analyses, and industry due diligence including precedent transaction analyses. 

The thorough nature of our investment evaluations presents members with the chance to apply their understandings of global financial markets and finance and accounting principles in a tangible way that is not replicated in the classroom.  Members gain valuable experience presenting their findings in a formal setting and fielding a wide range of questions from peers.

Investment Thesis

Our fund seeks to generate alpha through a diverse portfolio of investments spanning US Equities, International Equities, Real Estate, Metals, Energy, Currencies, Soft Commodities, and Fixed Income.  While our fund is heavily invested in an array of alternatives, we aim to minimize unsystematic risk by incorporating debt and equities investments.  We aim to generate returns in several ways including value, growth, income, and short-term special situations involving event-driven investments or arbitrage opportunities. 

Target investment horizons are approximately 12 months, and members have the opportunity to re-evaluate investment positions every semester.

Investment Desks